The Silk Alliance

Baseline fleet

The Silk Alliance ‘Green Corridor Cluster’ starts with an initial fleet of 359 ships strategically selected by the members to have a significant emissions-saving impact while ensuring long-term scalability and potential spillover to the wider industry.

An initial fleet of containerships examined with a fuel demand footprint of 3mT HFO, i.e., approximately 6% of all fuel sold in Singapore, operating across the Indian & Pacific Oceans.

Selection criteria

  • Strategic location for alternative fuels
  • Concentrated regular traffic
  • Regional fleet across Indian & Pacific Oceans
  • Enabling scale and investment
  • Partners ready to act
  • Networks and innovations

Strategic location for alternative fuels

Singapore was selected as a key hub predominantly used for bunkering for virtually all ship types with established supply chains.

Concentrated regular traffic

Singapore allows for predictable and repeatable bunker events at the start of the transition whilst reducing the risk of setting up fuel infrastructure.

Enabling scale and investment

An initial fleet of 359 containerships was examined with a fuel demand footprint of 3mT HFO, i.e., approximately 6% of all fuel sold in Singapore.

Partners ready to act

Shipowners, ship managers, a shipyard, financiers, fuel suppliers, and governments.

Networks and innovations

Stakeholders meet and hold workshops at periodic intervals, working towards key milestones agreed by alliance members.

“PIL is happy to be a member of The Silk Alliance, as we are a key proponent of the multi-stakeholder collective approach to developing an effective and feasible decarbonisation strategy for the shipping industry. We hope that through our participation in The Silk Alliance, we can demonstrate our commitment to decarbonising our fleet, and at the same time working with other stakeholders to establish regional green corridors for feeder shipping utilising low carbon fuel or technology.”

Goh Chung Hun General Manager, Fleet, Pacific International Lines