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The Silk Alliance seeks to expand to a wider demand sector and grow to include other ship types, fuel producers and governments. This expansion facilitates the enhancement and implementation of the First Mover Framework, enabling data generation for informed decision-making, particularly in determining the scale and timing of the green corridor initiative.

The next stage involves developing The Silk Alliance Green Corridor Cluster implementation plan, followed by devising the procedures to undertake and execute projects with maximum impact. This will capture all the required steps and components to establish the operation of a thriving green corridor, enabling the commencement of projects and workstreams.

Next Milestones

  • Sequence of the green corridor cluster
  • Carbon intensity targets
  • Finance
LR-Silk Alliance Implementation Plan

Progress Report

A progress report identifying three interlinked workstreams for the Silk Alliance implementation plan, focused on the areas of fleet and fuel demands, fuel supply and finance that will operationalise the green corridor cluster. 

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“The Silk Alliance presents an opportunity for the industry to leapfrog the progress of fuel transition. We are looking forward to contributing our ship management and crewing expertise in the development of this transition strategy. We hope to aggregate the people factor calculated into the heart of this transition.”

Carl Schou CEO and President of Wilhelmsen Ship Management